The Best Place to Watch a Movie

2019 Highlights



2018: 308.41m

Group Revenue


2018: $4,657.01m

Adjusted EBITDA (under IAS 17)2 3


2018: $925.4m

Profit after tax


2018: $284.3m under IAS 17

Adjusted Profit after tax2


2018: $325.9m under IAS 17

Diluted EPS


2018: 22.4c under IAS 17

Adjusted Diluted EPS3


restated 20184: 25.7c under IAS 17

Dividend Per Share


2018: 15.0c



(1) Pro-forma results reflect the Group and US performance had Regal been consolidated for the entirety of the comparative period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. Revenue is shown on a constant currency basis for the UK&I and the ROW reporting segments by applying the 2019 average exchange rates to the 2018 performance. Refer to Note 3 for the full reconciliation.

(2) From 1 January 2019, the Group has adopted IFRS 16 “Leases”, applying the modified retrospective approach. To provide comparability of the underlying results year on year, the results to 31 December 2019 have also been presented, excluding the impact of IFRS 16, and have been prepared in accordance with the previous leasing standard IAS 17. A reconciliation of the IFRS 16 2019 results to IAS 17 is provided in the Chief Financial Officer's Review.

(3) Refer to Note 3 and Note 8 for the full definition and reconciliation.

(4) The 2018 Adjusted basic Earnings Per Share and Adjusted diluted Earnings Per Share have been restated as set out in Note 1.

Our business at a glance

A snapshot of Cineworld

Our purpose: To provide our customers with a choice of how to watch a movie, in modern state-of-the-art cinemas with the latest technology and a variety of retail offerings, all underpinned by great customer service.

Our vision: To be “The Best Place to Watch a Movie”.

Our brands





















Cineworld today









Precise pixel perfect projectors

Investment in technology and innovation continues to be a key pillar of our strategy to make our cinemas "The Best Place to Watch a Movie".

We strengthened our partnership with Barco and Christie to acquire more than 2,000 next-generation projectors to further improve the quality of the picture across our estate through
high-quality projection.

Leadership’s view

Anthony Bloom


Chairman's Letter

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Moshe Greidinger

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer's Review

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Nisan Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer's Review

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Class, defined through comfort

Our cinemas offer up to seven formats for watching movies: regular screens (2D), 3D, 4DX, ScreenX, IMAX, Premium Large Format ("PLF") and our VIP offering in the UK and ROW.

Through both our expansions and our refurbishment programme, we are focused on ensuring as many of our sites as possible provide a good range of these formats, giving our customers the choice of not only which movies to watch, but also of how to watch them.

Business Model

Delivering on our vision

Our assets

Our financial strength

Our financial strength

Our knowledge and know-how

Our knowledge and know-how

Our estate and brands

Our estate and brands

Our technology

Our technology

What we deliver

Everything that we do is to deliver on our vision... to be “The Best Place to Watch a Movie”

How we create value

We create value through providing our customers with a choice of where and how to watch a movie along with a variety of concession products. The Group's knowledge and know-how ensures we achieve operational excellence across the estate while providing our customers with a superior experience every time they visit one of our cinemas.


The value we create


By delivering our vision to be "The Best Place to Watch a Movie", we are ensuring that our customers feel more, and will want to return.


We aim to deliver returns, long term value and dividend growth to our shareholders.


Operating in ten countries we create direct jobs and career opportunities for over 30,000 people.

Wider stakeholders

We give back to our local communities through a range of activities and initiatives.

Nurture talent and create opportunity, for all

We are committed to ensuring our people have the opportunity to develop personally and to reach their full potential. With the continually expanding Group, there are now even more opportunities and we continue to nurture our talent and promote internally wherever possible.

Strategic Priorities

Provide the best cinema experience

Provide the best cinema experience

to give our customers a choice of how to watch a movie, with a variety of retail offerings, all underpinned by the best customer service

Expand and enhance our estate

Expand and enhance our estate

to provide consistent, high quality, modern cinemas

Be technological leaders

Be technological leaders

in the industry to offer the latest audio and visual technology

Drive value for shareholders

Drive value for shareholders

by delivering our growth plans in an efficient and effective way